Thursday, 15 March 2018

Unit 6 Games

1ºC The Future - exercise

To practice The Future, please click on the following links:







The Future - 1ºC

Hi, 1ºC
Copy this to your notebook. This is homework for Monday 19th of March.

- general prediction about the future 
In the future, people'll live on Mars.
- spontaneous decisions 
Ring, ring... I'll pick up the phone
- make promise
I won't tell anyone!
- polite request
Will you have dinner with me?

- prediction based on evidence
They're driving very fast! They're going to crash!
- plans and intentions
I'm going to visit my grandma tomorrow. 

- fixed plans
At 9pm, I'm having lunch with John. 

- timetable
My plane leaves tomorrow at 7pm. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Unit 6 : How Do You Feel? 1A 1B

Homework 12/03/2018 

Please complete activities 1, 2 and 3 on page 55. 
They can all be done in your book except from number 1 , which needs to be done in your notebook. 

This homework is due in tomorrow 13/03/2018

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OPTIONAL : Do the Reading activity on page 109. It can be done in the book.


Hi 1C,

Please, do exercise 6 and 7 from your Workbook p. 37 and Reading - Mobile Phone Eco Film Festival - from your workbook from p. 40.


Monday, 5 March 2018

Revision: Will and Going to

Complete the sentences with the correct form of will or going to. 

1.- When we get home, we ___________ (have) dinner.
 2.- I know they ___________ (feel) very happy if they win the match.
3.- They’ve already decided on their next summer holiday. They ____________ (do) a tour of Norway.
 4.- She thinks that the Take That concert __________ (be) really exciting.
5.- “What are your plans for this evening?” I ________ (meet) my friends and then go to a birthday party.
 6.- If you revise for the exam , I’m sure you ________ (get) a good result.
7.- The weather forecast is good for the next few days. It _________ (be) very sunny.
8.- I can’t come on the march tomorrow. I ___________ (look after) my cousins.
 9.- In the future, I think humans ___________ (wipe out) many different species.
10.-He is buying some butter and eggs because he _________ (make) a cake later.

ANSWER KEY 1.- will have 2.- will feel 3.- are going to do 4.- will be 5.- am going to meet 6.- will get 7.- is going to be 8.- am going to look after 9.- will wipe out 10.- is going to make 

Friday, 2 March 2018

Think Green :The 5 Environmental Problems

Here you can read about the problems the different groups will have to deal with: 


Have you ever thought about what happens to the trash you throw away once it is taken away by the garbage truck? It goes to the dump or a landfill. The improper disposal of waste is a huge problem on Earth.
Sometimes, hazardous waste is left in the dump, and it has the potential to contaminate, or pollute, the soil. The toxins from the hazardous waste infect the soil, and it can take millions of years for the soil to become healthy again. With the population growing, there is becoming less and less space for the extra garbage.
An overflowing landfill


Overpopulation means that there are too many people and not enough resources to sustain the population, or keep it going. Think about it like this - let's say that you invite ten friends over for a pizza party, but you only have eight slices of pizza. Either two of your friends don't get a slice, or you will have to cut the pizza into smaller slices, giving everyone less. Just like your pizza party, the increasing population of the Earth can lead to a shortage in water, food and other natural resources that are needed to survive. Also, more people equals more pollution, so the population is polluting the Earth at a rapid rate.


The loss of trees, also known as deforestation, is negatively impacting the environment in many ways. Trees produce the oxygen that we need to survive, without them we will not be able to breath. Also, many animals who live in the forests that have been cut down are becoming endangered or even extinct. Humans are the leading cause in deforestation, especially for farming or building.

Ocean Pollution

Water pollution is another leading environmental issue that the world is facing today. Chemicals that are poured into the ocean can lead the creation of dead zones. Dead zones are places in the ocean where nothing can survive because of the lack of oxygen. Similar to deforestation, this causes a loss in biodiversity, or variety of living things.

Fresh Water Pollution

Chemicals that infect freshwater sources is a huge problem. Living things need water to survive, and the water is not good if it is polluted with lead or garbage. As of today, there are over one billion people who do not have access to clean drinking water.
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