Tuesday, 13 February 2018

1A and 1B Unit 4 Revision

Unit 4: Time for School 

1. Write a definition or a similar word in English for the following words.

You can also write a sentence with the word in.

a) Challenges
b) To figure something out
c) Meaningful
d) Feedback
e) Approaches
f) An expert
g) Facts
h) Furious

2.  Give the noun for the following verbs.

Example :

Verb: Disappear       Noun: Disappearance


3. Complete with the correct relative pronoun.

  1. Example : A hotel is a place where people stay when they're on holiday.score
  2. What's the name of the woman  lives in that house?score
  3. What do you call someone  writes computer programs?score
  4. A waiter is a person  job is to serve customers in a restaurant.score
  5. Overalls are clothes  people wear to protect their clothes when they are working.score
  6. Is that the shop  you bought your new laptop?score
  7. He's the man  son plays football for Manchester Utd.score
  8. Hal didn't get the job  he applied for.score

1A and 1B Revision Unit 3

Unit 3 : Technology Today

1. a) Give an example of a tiny animal.
    b) Write the name of an extraordinary invention.
    c) Give an example of any sports equpment.
    d) Name an item that has electronic parts.
    e) What appliances have you got at home?

2. For each of the words in bold choose a similar word from the ones in brackets.
Example :  Several  ( long  /  a few)

Available   (being sold/   not working)

For instance   (for example / once)

Injured           ( hurt / touched )

Come across    ( seen /  used )

Lose your temper   ( forget things  / get angry )

Come in handy      ( be cheap / be useful)

3. Write the verbs for the following nouns:

Example: Noun : Discovery   Verb: Discover






Complete the sentences using Present Perfect. 

Example : Adam and Natalie _have lived___ (live) together for 3 years. 

Where _____ he _____ (go)? 

We ____ (not/leave) yet. 

I ____ (want) a new car for a long time. 

_____ the bus _____ (arrive) yet? 

They ____ (bring) their children with them. 

_____ you ever _____ (see) a shooting star? 

_____ you ever _____ (see) a shooting star? 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

1ºc - more relative clauses

HOMEWORK for Friday 9th of February

Hi 1ºc,

Please do your homework from Student Book, p. 39, ex 5 (you have to do it in your notebook).

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

1ºC - homework (6th February)

Hi 1ºC,

We are busy with the project at school but we still need to do some homework. Please copy this explanation about Relative Clauses and do exercise 4 and 5, p.30 from Workbook (photocopies). 

- no commas
- gives important information
- can change WHO and WHICH for THAT

She is the woman who / that lives next door.I live in the city where I study.
We stayed at the hotel which Ann recommended.

- commas
- gives extra information
- cannot use THAT

My bicycle, which I've had for more than ten years, is falling apart.
My mother, whose brother is called Michael, was born in 1950. 
Mary went to London, where her family lives.